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Pangea’s Edge is an independent, privately owned family investment firm founded to support the multi-generational financial management and investment activities of its stakeholders. Pangea’s Edge has a strong focus on private equity opportunities and participates in both controlling and minority equity investments as well as financings. We participate in a wide array of private equity opportunities ranging from angel & seed investments, venture capital investments, and search funds to the more mature lower-middle market. Additionally, we maintain a targeted portfolio of real estate and energy related investments. We often co-invest with others, though we prefer to have a position of influence (e.g., board membership) within our investment portfolio.

Pangea’s Edge maintains a long-term portfolio strategy and can invest in opportunities with varying exit time horizons. We invest across industries and can participate in opportunities with non-traditional or unorthodox structures.

As a Limited Family Partnership, we do not accept outside funds for investment.

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